Volunteer Screening Process







The Diocese of Tucson under the leadership of Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger is committed to protecting our community against all forms of abuse and responding appropriately.  The mission of the Diocese of Tucson “Safe Environment Program” is to ensure the safety of children, young people and the vulnerable who have been entrusted to our care in our parishes, schools, religious education classes and other programs.  We pursue this mission the following ways:

  • By thoroughly screening and supervising all members of the clergy (priest and deacons), as well as all employees and volunteers who work with children and young people and the vulnerable as part of their ministry.
  • By providing appropriate training in recognizing and reporting child/adult abuse to appropriate civil and Church authorities.
  • By holding all members of the clergy, employees and volunteers who work with children, young people and the vulnerable to Christ-centered and professional codes of conduct.
  • By following Arizona Mandatory Reporting laws.


New applicants must first submit a completed fingerprint card.  Cards may be obtained in the Parish Office.  Once the fingerprint card is submitted to Mrs. Evelia Villegas, our Compliance Officer, you will continue the process below.

Go to www.diocesetucson.org

  • Click on Employment
  • For School Volunteer; Scroll down to School Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Scroll down to Francis of Assisi Parish – Yuma, AZ and click on Volunteer.
  • Click on Apply for This Position
  • Please read the instructions on the screen and start the process by clicking

After you have entered all required information, click “Submit” and the screening process will begin. Once a fingerprint card and the online portion has been completed by you, it might take a few weeks before a clearance is issued.  Please attempt to complete the required steps at your earliest convenience to not delay the process. 

It’s very important that you include the following on the application, otherwise the application will not be processed.

  • A reliable telephone number so we can contact you when necessary.
  • Email – You must provide an email that is not shared with anyone else.  If you don’t have one, you need to create one.
  • References with a reliable phone number.  Please put 3-references that are easy to contact, preferably local people.  People from out of town are sometimes difficult to contact and this delays or stops the application process.  Please try not to put Priests, Doctors, Attorneys, etc. as references because it takes long for them to respond, and the application process will be delayed.
  • Once you have completed all three steps in the screening process which means you have Submitted your Fingerprint Card to Evelia Villegas, Completed the Volunteer Application and have Completed the CMG 3-In-1 Safe Environment Training and receive confirmation of having completed the CMG 3-In-1 Safe Environment Training, please contact Evelia Villegas in the parish office to confirm everything is in order. PLEASE NOTE, receipt of completion of the CMG Safe Environment Training, is NOT an indication that you are cleared to volunteer.  The Fingerprint Card and References must also be processed which in some cases may take up to a few weeks or more.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Mrs. Evelia Villegas, Compliance Officer at the Parish Office (928) 782-1875.