Student Learning Expectations


A Faithful Catholic who: 

  • Talks to God
  • Goes to Mass
  • Cares about others and the world God created
  • Helps those in need

A Diligent Learner who: 

  • Listens to the teacher and works hard to do his/her best
  • Speaks and writes clearly and correctly
  • Follows directions and finishes all work neatly
  • Is a good problem solver

An Active Community Member who: 

  • Makes good choices
  • Uses self control
  • Works and plays fair with others
  • Shares with others

A Globally Aware Citizen who: 

  • Cares about people everywhere
  • Helps brothers and sisters around the world
  • Sets a good example

A Well-Rounded Individual who: 

  • Uses God given talents to make the world a better place
  • Takes good care of his/her body
  • Enjoys learning about new and different things