Stewards of the Earth

Trash Bashers

Long before “going green” was the politically correct  thing to do, God commanded   us to take care of the earth. From the very beginning of creation sacred scripture tells us, “The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and care for it.” – Genesis 2:15. We cannot follow God’s command to care for the earth at the same time that we abuse the earth. Thus, all Christians are called to be good environmentalists, stewards of the earth.

St. Francis School students work together to be good stewards of the earth by participating in the Trash Bashers Club. Every Friday, after the All School Mass, students pick up trash around the playground to beautify and care for our school. They do this for the greater glory and honor of God and his wonderful creation of the earth.

Community Garden

Students also work together to tend and care for our Community Garden.  Throughout the year students of all grades plant vegetables, water, pull weeds, remove insects and care for the plants that are generously donated by supportive farmers of the area.  This is a great education for our students and a way that we stay involved with our community.  The students harvest the plants and then share these delightful and healthy treats with visitors to our school such as the ‘Read Across America’ volunteers.