SCRIP Fundraising

Scrip is a year-round “no-sell” fundraiser!

St. Francis Catholic School uses the profits earned from the Scrip program to offset the daily operating expenses of the school and keep your tuition costs down.

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.”  When you purchase Scrip, you are purchasing prepaid gift cards from hundreds of participating stores. You can use them just like cash to pay for everyday items you need to buy, such as food, clothing, gasoline, home improvement supplies, pharmacy items and other essentials.

Scrip cards are available for travel, entertainment such as movies, and dining out. Of course, you can still buy them for gifts at holidays or birthday time as well.

Our School is able to buy these gift cards at a discount, which you can purchase at face value.  We earn profit from the difference.  These are the same gift cards that you would purchase if you went to the retailer directly.  St. Francis Catholic School can earn anywhere from 2% to 20% from merchant rebates from the Scrip program gift cards.

Families do need to plan ahead a little to do their normal shopping with gift cards, but it’s worth it!  Why not earn money for our school while you shop?  Order Scrip cards early so that you have the cards in hand by the time you have to do your shopping.

We make special orders for you as well!  There are hundreds of retailers around the country that accept gift certificates.  Why not buy them from us?  Please call our school and speak with Mrs. Ochoa for large and/or special orders.


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