On-Line Course for Compliance


To begin the online training, go to the following link:  https://tucson.cmgconnect.org/ 

Select “Sign In for Online Education.”

Create a profile.

If this is your first Safety Education Training, please select the video “Arizona Child Abuse Reporting Status.” If not, then choose “Protecting Our Children,” or any other video of the Videos to Watch from the List. Pay special attention to the instructions. Videos are NOT intended for young children to hear or watch. There will be questions at the end of the video, so please pay attention to the material. Once you have watched the video, there will be three documents to download.

Summary of Guidelines 

Code of Conduct

Mandatory Reporting Law

Once you have completed the training and reviewed the documents, you will need to select “Print Verification” from the original testing list screen and print this out. This will show that you have successfully completed this training. You will then need to bring this along with a completed Annual Attestation/Affirmation Form to the parish office. Attestation/Affirmation forms may be found at the following link:

Attestation Form

For questions or assistance, please contact Mrs. Evelia Villegas, Compliance Officer, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, (928) 782-1875