Lunch Menu


Orders must be placed and paid through your FACTS Family Portal.

(weekly order(s) due on Friday prior to current week’s order)


K- Grade 2        11:00

Grades 3-5       11:40

Grades 6-8       12:05

Need to order lunch?

Here’s how…

Hot Lunch Program Instructions


$6 Regular Lunch

$9 Double Portion Lunch

$9 Special Option Lunch


Did you know that you can view current lunches, lunches that you have already ordered and paid for in your FACTS account?  

Logged into your FACTS Family Portal account?

>go to student, >lunch, >update student name, >update the calendar for the correct month/week, >lunch option, >submit, >provide payment information  

If you have ordered and paid for lunches, the lettering will turn blue showing lunch options that were paid for. 

Once you have ordered and paid for lunches, they cannot be cancelled, nor will credit be issued for missed lunches. 

If/when your child is absent on paid lunch days:

Pre-paid lunch will be available for pick up or can be given to a sibling. Lunch will not be refunded.